Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

Erica’s Vision – Cutscene Panel (2012)

Full cutscene: Video Editing by Mikael Palsio ( ).

Cemetery background paintover based on Romano Molenaar’s sketch (2012)

Antique Shop background.
Lineart by Romano Molenaar, colors by me (2012)

Samples of other cutscene panels and lineart (2012-2013)

Saving Sully cutscene (spoilers!):
Ep3 Ending full cutscene (spoilers!):
Lineart by me, colors by Paolo Rotelli ( ), Rhonda Bowlin ( ) and myself. Video editing by Mikael Palsio.

Erica runnin in catacombs Cutscene – Panel 3 (2013)

Easter Egg Cutscene art broken into layers (2013)
All Hail the Pink Poodle!

Melissa Carubia character concept (2012)

Provenance (2013)
Additional lineart and coloring for the Cognition prequel comic.

Preview of the comic:


Backgrounds, concepts and cutscene art


2D Art Lead


Phoenix Online Studios